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"The leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the United States are related to health behaviors and lifestyle factors...with traumatic/damaging childhood experiences (ACE's or adverse childhood experiences) contributing to the development of these risk factors."

Welcome to 

B.P.R. Therapy, Mediation & Coaching Services P. L. L. C.

Your Certified Trauma-Informed Professional

Therapy Services

The quality of the relationship between therapist and client is key in treating trauma and accounts for 40% of therapeutic outcomes.  Therefore, I feel my authenticity and transparency is key in cultivating a safe and warm relationship.  

Divorce Mediation 

Collaborative Law Services

Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law (or Collaborative Divorce) is a non-adversarial way to divorce that is less costly emotionally, psychologically and financially while    reducing the traumatic affect divorce can have on you and your family.    

Workplace Services

Trauma in the workplace leads to lack of basic trust, communication problems, decrease emotional regulation and cognitive abilities which all takes toll on the workplace climate,  moral and overall productivity.   Let's change that.


Mental Health Consulting is for companies and organizations looking to address mental health concerns in their workplace.  Mental Health in the workplace is a severely unaddressed public health issue.  The importance of mental health in the workplace has been severely under-appreciated and in recent years has been realized particularly during the pandemic.  Companies such as Netflix and Goggle has incorporated mental health professionals positions to address such issues.  Mental Health Consulting focuses on the severity of mental health in the workplace or trauma and seeks to educate and prevent trauma in order to optimize performance, functionality and overall happiness.

Trauma-Informed, Multicultural & Social Justice Infused Services 

All services are trauma, multicultural and social justice informed.  Services are trauma-informed which means cultivating a relationship built on trust and compassion based on not what is wrong with you but understanding your experience and what happened to you.  Reasonable accommodations are highly likely to be permitted upon request.  Furthermore,  each service is integrated with education on the effects, prevention, and recovery of trauma.   Only therapy services include the treatment of trauma.  Multicultural and social justice informed means that biases (which we all have) that discriminates against a person's age (ageism), gender (sexism and heterosexism), race (racism), religion,  sexual orientation, socioeconomic status (classism) or disability (ableism and disableism) may be discussed openly or privately in hopes to ensure fairness and equality, increase awareness, strengthen relationships and enhance services.  Learn more about your biases by taking the Implicit Bias Test (IAT).  Services are culturally sensitive (considerate and welcoming of the client's and other stakeholder's culture) and will work collaboratively with those from diverse backgrounds to ensure services are rendered with cultural competence.  Social justice-informed also refers to tending to larger systemic social inequalities (issues related to power and privilege) that can manifest during the rendering of services, which may also be appropriately addressed in order to ensure fairness and equality, increase awareness, strengthen relationships and enhance services.

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