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Trauma-Informed Care

This workshop educates participants on exactly what trauma-informed care is and how it is applied across settings; agencies/workplace and clinical practice.  This workshop discussed the ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) research, the ACE's pyramid, the extended ACE's pyramid, the different components of a traumatic event (pre, present, and post-trauma), the varying degrees of trauma (e.g., chronic or acute, psychologically and emotionally near or far), the impact of trauma on individuals, families, communities, and organizations, the latest neuroscience relating to trauma and much more.  This workshop provides a novice non-pathologizing view and understanding of trauma and its impact on the development and societal structures and cultures that assist in re-traumatizing.  Finally, treatment and prevention is discussed.    

Multicultural and Social Justice

This workshop educates participants on how to become culturally competent and social justice informed.  Cultural competence starts with understanding one's own cultural background and heritage in the context of others.  Social justice focuses on acknowledging and challenging societal structures and practices that perpetuate systemic oppression that disproportionately impacts marginalized groups; more specifically people of color and the disadvantaged.  This workshop focuses on building self-awareness and identifying the unequal distribution of resources (wealth, power, and prestige) that traumatize less resourceful groups.  These groups are often further marginalized due to becoming symptomatic of the very oppression and marginalization they experience.

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