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Therapy Services


What is Marriage and Family Therapy?

Marriage and family therapist (MFT's) are professionals who specialize in treating relationships. For example, in couples therapy, the relationship is the client. Working with children and their parents/guardians to produce needed change is also a distinct characteristic of MFT's particularly assessing and understanding co-parenting and parenting stylesSibling relationship are also a commonly underserved and unaddressed critical family dynamic.  Watch this informational video on the marriage and family therapy (MFT) profession and what makes MFT's unique. 

"It was nicely paced and felt very comfortable."

"Today I felt like I could share about myself and how my past has affected me. I felt like Bryan was very intuitive and helped me discern areas of concern."

"Very helpful, always gets you to thinking."

Individual Therapy

My trauma-informed lens in combination with my client-centered approach allows for me to develop close relationships with clients I see individually.  It almost feels more like a friendship than and therapist-client relationship, which is ideal to me. Blue Cross Blue Shield & United Healthcare accepted.  Out-of-pocket fee includes $150 - $225 per hour.

Formal Diagnostic Assessments 

If you are looking to be formal diagnosed and assessed for mental health condition, I can do that too.  Out-of-pocket cost is $300 flat rate 

Couples Therapy

I don't mean to brag, but I have been given rave reviews from the couples that I have worked with.  Couples have often complemented me on how intuitive I am saying "you just see things" and how I am able to picking up on things others have missed.  My goal when working with couples is to help them identify and become more objective to their negative vicious cycle of interaction.  Once couple's are empowered in this way, they can now work on and develop more preferred ways of being with one another and healthy and balanced identities outside of the relationship.  Blue Cross Blue Shield & United Healthcare accepted. Out-of-pocket fee includes $100 - $175 per hour in Iowa and $125 - $200 per hour and Chicago. Initial session fee $225

Family Therapy

This is why I am a therapist.  I love working with families.  Furthermore, change is much more likely to occur in family therapy.  I thoroughly enjoy working with families, particularity when  everyone is in the room consistently.  Working with families gives me a much more complete picture than if I was working with a select few members of the family.  I am very effective when working with at least entire nuclear families and can help to produce the desired level of change quicker.   As a family therapist, it is important to me that everyone feel heard and that the needed change in either the family structure and/or the family communication style improved upon.  Blue Cross Blue Shield & United Healthcare accepted. Out-of-pocket fee includes $100 - $175 per hour in Iowa and $125 - $200 per hour and Chicago. Initial session fee $225.

Group Therapy

Group therapy services that will be offered in the near future which will include parenting group therapy, divorce group therapy, and couples group therapy.  Cost is $30 - $50 dollars per hour out-of-pocket.  Blue Cross Blue Shield Accepted and United Health Care accepted.

Intensive Couple or Family Therapy

Intensive therapy, also known as weekend retreats, are for couples and/or families looking to make significant progress in a relatively short period of time.  Intensive therapy works particularly well for couples in dire situations (e.g., on the brink of divorce or couples who have been unhappy for years) and families who have significantly impaired family functioning (e.g. blended-family issues).  I collaborate with the couple/family in organizing a balanced, eventful and productive weekend.  Intensive therapy is flexible in order to meet your specific needs.  Cost is $200 per hour or flat rate.  Blue Cross Blue Shield Accepted and United Health Care accepted to help subsidize the cost.

"Bryan Range is a top notch therapist. I highly recommend him, especially for any issues surrounding trauma and attachment. He helped my son and me immensely. Forever grateful!"

"Bryan garnered results that were above and beyond my expectations. He is naturally talented and intuitive at sorting out issues and teaching us the skills we need to not only correct problems but thrive in those areas."

""Bryan is the best counselor I have ever come across. He was a great help to my children. I appreciate all he has done. I would highly recommend him to anyone."


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is therapy via video conferencing instead of the traditional in-person sessions. Telehealth works for clients who have busy schedules and may have difficulty meeting face-to-face on a weekly bases.  Telehealth also works well as a substitute when an in-person session maybe more difficulty to schedule during the traditional in-person therapy process. It also allows you to get the therapy you need from the comfort and convenience from anywhere.

"Bryan does an excellent job of helping me look and think of things differently. He encourages me to explore my memories and feelings."

I have been very pleased with my sessions and I feel I would not have made the level of progress I have without these sessions and guidance. I would recommend BPR Services to anyone that asks and hope to continue with these services to better myself.

"Today, Bryan helped me to put my feelings into perspective and rephrase my thoughts."

Intake Information & Assessments

 Client Basic Information Form     Basic Background Form    Extended Background Form 

 Family History Form

Mental Status Figures


 Medication List

Adult Outcome Questionnaire

 DSM-5 Self-Rated Symptom Measure for Adults

Stress Tolerance

Relationship to the Body

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

The Multidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness

Trauma Recovery Scale

Ethnic Identity Assessment

Youth younger than 11, complete Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC) parent version and PSC Child Version

Children between the ages of 11-17, complete Youth Outcome Questionnaire

Children between the ages of 11-1, complete the DSM-5 Self-Rated Symptom Measure for Youth.   

 DSM-5 Parent/Guardian-Rated Symptom Measure

 Traumatic Antecedents Questionnaire


 In your first session, you will review the statement of understanding and if you have a copay or paying out of pocket, you will need to complete the credit card authorization form.  You will also be reviewing the notice of privacy practices.  To allow your therapist to communicate with other professionals (e.g., primary care physicians, psychiatrists, etc) complete the authorization to disclose form for each professional.

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