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COVID-19 Notice

All services have the option of meeting via in-person or video conferencing.  For in-person service, please be advised.  (1) If you or anyone in your immediate family is sick (cough, fever, etc) or have been tested or diagnosed with COVID-19, please schedule your meeting/session via zoom.  (2) Please take a moment to wash your hands before your meeting/session for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer.  (3) Practice keeping at least 6 feet distance at all times.  (4) Feel free to wear a mouth covering, gloves and/or any other protective equipment (although not required) that will help you to feel protected and safe.  You can request that your service provider to do the same.  Commonly touched/used areas will be disinfected between clients.  Here are some helpful links below.

How Vaccine's Work (CDC article)     J&J Vaccine & Research     Pfizer Vaccine & Research     Moderna Vaccine  & Research    

 Find Vaccine : CVS, NBC, Vaccine Finder  

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